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Our mission is to provide excellence in feed and its services to you in an efficient and competitive manner.

We are delighted that you as an existing customer, new inquiry, friend or business colleague have chosen Countryside Feed for your animal feed needs. Our professional staff and employees are serious about helping you succeed in your business. Our staff professionals can help you with your feed choices.




Sales/Nutrition Professionals:

Kyle Cederberg       Bill Fish Bill Toews 
Frank Morey Greg Thompson      

Administrative/Office Professionals:
Lyman Adams Jr.      Doug Bartel      Byron Noeth
DeLayne Herbel    Luke Lindsay
Tim Diener Tom Stoppel Laura Lindsay

Production Professionals:
Dan Bernhardt        Reese Wedel Myron Hiebert
David Esau Kyle Klassen Rick Koehn
Matt Lichti Larry McCarty      Juan Castro
Darrell Schrag Scott Walker Matt Kaspar
Matt Stuck Terry Hamm Dirk Young

Professional Drivers:
Richard Cook          Dale Knoll Steven Jury    
Roy Schroeder Steve Smith         Deryll Amstutz
Troy Wiebe    

The sun never sets on the knowledge of Countryside Feed professionals. Our specialists are always seeking up-to-date feed and nutrition information and training to keep you on the cutting edge. A great storehouse of vital information is at our fingertips, awaiting your needs. When you ask us a feed question, we will find the answer - timely and accurate, so you can make the right decision for your benefit to save you time and money.

You are always welcome at Countryside Feed.
Thank you for visiting our Web Site. Visit us frequently for updated information.


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Fax: 620-947-5671 


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