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Goat Builder: Customizable feeds for meat and dairy goats

Our Goat Builder products were formulated by our own in-house nutrition experts as an economical alternative to national feed brands. We took into account local sources of pasture and forage, as well as what type of animals you’re feeding, to develop a line of complete feeds, plus customizable base feeds that work for most types of producers across our geography. To learn more about our Builder Brands for beef, dairy, equine, swine, sheep and goats, talk to one of our knowledgable livestock nutritionists today.

Purina Animal Nutrition LLC

Purina leads the way in small ruminant nutrition

With its world-class animal nutrition center at Gray Summit, MO, Purina Animal Nutrition leads the way in research and development of feed products for every stage of life, and across all commercial livestock species. Both of our mills in Seneca and Hillsboro are now licensed to manufacture Purina feeds, due to their popularity and strong demand from local producers. Purina offers an extensive inventory of specialty feed products for young animals, beef cows and livestock with specific health or nutritional challenges. To learn more, talk to one of our nutrition experts today.