A customizable consulting resource and employee bonus plan to encourage full value pig production.

How does it work?

BonusPigs is a completely customizable program geared to be either an interactive consulting resource or bought outright ($5,000/customer). It is a two-fold design:

  1. Encourage a sow farm to produce more full value pigs.
  2. A flexible bonus program to pay employees for producing extra pigs. At $1,500 up to 1,500 sows, or $1/sow from 1,500 up to 3,500 sows (based on quarlerly payouts), it is a very high return/low cost program to incorporate into your farm. 

What could I save?

Download the Calculation Spreadsheet to determine your estimated cost savings per weaned pig produced. Calculations are based upon your inputs and it generates ROI by % increase in production. 


Key Benefits?

  • Improved ROI – as the farm increases SEW pig production, net revenue is improved as well.
  • Decreased cost/SEW pig produced – as the farm increases SEW pig production, per pig cost are driven down.
  • Full value pigs make a significant impact on net return on a sow farm, BonusPigs is geared at increasing full value pigs.
  • Employee turnover should decrease as incentives increase. 

Who Qualifies?

BonusPigs is completely customizable in nature, so you decide which of your employees would qualify for participation. As the owner, you would work with our company to determine: what pay grid you desire for your employees (minimum and maximum pay ranges); the pay acceleration (do you want low compensation to start, moderate pay for medium  production, and high pay for top production), or do you prefer a static pay rate from start to finish; and the % payout by employee, whether that be on a salary basis, or pay by target % for each employee. 

Learn More?

If you are interested in learning more, simply fill out the accompanying sheet detailing your primary contact information and current sow farm data. It is helpful if you could include number of sows and satisfaction with your current program as well. Then contact our program admin, Steve Hoefer, via email, phone call, or fax.

Email Steve Hoefer:
Cell Phone: (402) 239-1749
Fax: (785) 336-6782

Seneca Corporate Office
Phone: 785-336-6777

Download Datasheet