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Welcome to Countryside Feed, LLC 

Countryside Feed was created in 2018 following a merger between Midwest Ag Services in Seneca, and Countryside Feed in Hillsboro. The idea wasn’t simply to get bigger for bigness sake; it was to expand and align resources, and increase the purchasing power and product-delivery capabilities of two technologically-advanced, service-oriented companies. Although our business is not organized as a cooperative, we believe strongly in cooperative principles, including the pooling of resources, risk mitigation, listening to our member-owners, and concern for our local communities. 

Our 7 member Board of Directors is made up of representatives from each of our cooperative owners. We currently have 55 employees at our manufacturing locations in Seneca, Hillsboro and Moundridge, as well as field nutritionists who live and work in the territories we serve. Countryside Feed is headquartered in Seneca, Kansas.

Countryside Feed Mills

Feed Mill Highlights and Capabilities

Expanding and Improving

We are excited to share that Countryside Feed has committed to an $8.2 million retrofit and expansion project at the Hillsboro facility.  Construction is scheduled to start in late February to early March 2021 with completion scheduled this fall.  When completed we’ll have greatly increased capacity and improved processes to manufacture all of the various types of feeds we are not efficient in making today! You can see the plans below!

Our mills in Hillsboro and Seneca are similar in design and capacity with about 210,000 tons per year. Both mills have earned a Feed Manufacturing License from Purina® Animal Nutrition, which means that we can actually make Purina feeds in our mills. Maintaining this level of manufacturing quality and expertise requires annual audits to ensure we meet 23 quality standards set by Purina. We are extremely proud of the fact that our systems, processes and standards are on par with one of the very best feed manufacturers in the world. 

 Both mills feature sophisticated bag handling and robotic stacking lines which make feed handling and delivery much more efficient, driving down costs. The Hillsboro mill also features a pelleting line, which allows us to make everything from crumbles to range cubes for our wide variety of livestock customers.

Hillsboro Bagging

Hillsboro Plant Addition
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Seneca Tote Hangers

Seneca Conference Room
New office space & conference room added in 2020

Hillsboro Bagging

Hillsboro Bagging

Seneca Molasses Blender

Seneca Molasses Blender

Midwest Ag Services

Part of Our Communities

Countryside Feed LLC believes strongly in giving back to the communities we serve, and where our employees live and work as well. Midwest Ag Services was a long-time supporter local FFA and 4-H activities, as well as one of the many local businesses that contribute to the Baileyville Benefit Basketball Tournament for people in need of help with medical expenses. We plan to continue these initiatives as Countryside Feed.

Employees in Hillsboro help out with a variety of programs to feed kids in the community, including sending volunteers to a local church that provides lunches during the summer, and Backpacks for Kids, which supplies children with extra food for long weekends or holidays when schools are closed.

Community Food and Nutrition Programme
Community Feeding Programme
Community-Based Food And Nutrition Programmes
Barbecue Competition

Our Mission and Values 

Our mission at Countryside Feed is simple: to provide excellence in feed and feed services to our customers, in an efficient and competitve manner.

For our commercial customers, we are dedicated to helping you feed livestock at the best nutritional--and profitability--levels for your operation. Our skilled nutritionists can match existing formulas or create custom rations to meet whatever stage of life your animals are in, overcome any challenges they might face, and maximize the performance and profitability of your operation. We pride ourselves on being up-to-date on current research as well as best management practices, and bringing that knowledge to the farm gate. 

For our companion animal and hobby customers, our goal is to supply the feed and nutritional expertise that lead to long and healthy lives for every animal under your care.

Meet Our Management Team

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Countryside Feed

Our Board Of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of 7 directors from the organizations that make up the ownership of Countryside Feed.

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