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Best Practices for Managing 4 Types of Forage

Apr 28, 2022 | Countryside Feed Kansas
Capitalize on your forage management to optimize cattle nutrition.

Mix it Right!

Jan 17, 2022 | Countryside Feed Kansas
Young animals not nursing their mothers are dependent on milk replacer to provide the nutrition they need to survive and thrive. One of the most common milk replacer mistakes I see is improper preparation, which can lead to many problems

Proper Storage Ensures Milk Replacer Quality

Jan 06, 2022 | Countryside Feed Kansas
Proper storage of milk replacer can make a difference in the quality of product provided to young animals. Don't let a storage mishap decrease the nutritional value of your milk replacer!

Two Reasons to Feed Fall Fly Control

Sep 22, 2021 | Countryside Feed Kansas
Dropping temperatures is also a welcome sign of the changing seasons for many reasons, falling fly populations being one of them! Continuing fly control practices in the fall may not seem like a wise investment, but it can be beneficial for a two main reasons.

Setting Up the Starter Pen

Sep 15, 2021 | Countryside Feed Kansas
Starting cattle can be challenging. Fortunately there are several ways we can help cattle transition into the feedyard smoothly.   

To Calve in the Spring or Fall?

Sep 09, 2021 | Countryside Feed Kansas
What are the pros and cons of spring and fall caving? The Beef Cattle Institute gives a list of the top 5 differences in calving seasons that Tara Ellerman elaborates on!

3 Tips to Prepare for Fall Calving Season

Jul 05, 2021 | Countryside Feed Kansas
Sucessful fall calving seasons start with summer preparation! Read these 3 tips to prepare your operation for calving this fall!

Cattle Do Not Like Hot Bunks

Jun 14, 2021 | Countryside Feed Kansas
Hot temperatures, moisture in feeds, and readily available nutrients are all ingredients that make TMRs the perfect environment for microbial growth and spoilage in summer time.

Fly Control: A Cow's Tail wont get the Job Done

May 14, 2021 | Countryside Feed Kansas
The most effective fly control programs include combining multiple strategies. 

Deworming Helps Maximize Grass Profitability

May 13, 2021 | Countryside Feed Kansas
Spring is a very important time on grazing operations. Grass greens up and cattle are turned out, don't let internal parasites rob your pastures of gain potential. A simple deworming program improves gains, efficiency, and general health of your grazing cattle!