Avoid Early Season Abortions

Aug 10, 2020

Tara Jo Bina
Countryside Feed Livestock Nutrition
Cache Valley Virus (CVV) is a mosquito transmitted disease that causes infertility, abortions, still births, and congenital defects in sheep and goats. This disease is commonly diagnosed in January and February in years where mosquito populations were high in late summer and early fall.
Current research shows CVV only impacts pregnant ewes or nannies and causes different symptoms depending on the stage of pregnancy at exposure. Infection before day 28 of gestation typically results in early embryonic loss. Females infected between days 28 and 45 generally have stillborn or live offspring with major neurological and musculoskeletal deformities that make survival rates of live offspring very low. Exposure after day 45 can result in lambs or kids with less severe or no deformities at all.
Since this disease is caused by a virus, there is no effective treatment, making prevention is very important. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine to aid in prevention of CVV. The best way to prevent CVV is to control the mosquito population. Using premise sprays, as well as keeping pens clean and free of standing water are effective ways to limit the number of mosquitoes on sheep and goat operations. Utilizing garlic products through the feed or minerals is also a way to help females fend off these disease carrying pests.
For more information on CVV and how to protect your females contact your Countryside Feed representative.

*South Dakota State University Extension, Vet warns of effects of Cache Valley Virus during lambing

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