Is Your Barn Ready for Lambing/Kidding

Dec 14, 2020

Tara Jo Bina
Countryside Feed Livestock Nutrition
Many producers are gearing up for baby lambs and kids to start hitting the ground! This is an exciting time of year, but that excitement is accompanied by the stress of closely monitoring and helping ewes and nannies through the birthing process. Having a lambing/kidding kit stocked with supplies can be a great way to ease some of the stress! Here are a few tools we recommend having easily accessible this time of year:
Ewe/Nanny Assistance
  • Lubricant
Gloves: both shoulder length and short gloves to minimize infection while assisting
  • Prolapse supplies: prolapse harness, S-curved needle, and 3/8 inch umbilical tape 
  • Halters: are a great way to keep restless or unruly females under control when they require assistance. 
  • Pullers: Just in case the females need more help than you can give them by hand
  • Water with mild disinfectant and towel: these can come in handy for many situations 
Vaccinations and necessary antibiotics
  • Vaccines/dewormers: It is important to work with your veterinarian to determine a proper vaccination and deworming schedule for your livestock. The birthing box can be a convenient place to administer vaccines to ewes and nannies.
  • Antibiotics: getting prescriptions for antibiotics that could be necessary for both ewes or nannies and their new babies before they start lambing/kidding is also important. These antibiotics can help save an animal’s life by either treating or preventing an infection from the birthing process! 
New Lambs/Kids
  • Record book
  • Tags and taggers: know what tags are required for your animals 
  • Bander and elastrator bands: quick and easy castration of males
  • Naval dip: dipping navels prevents infection 
  • Old towels: for drying off new lambs/kids
  • Heating methods: Heating pads, lamps, etc. can be used to keep the barn warm, just be sure to use a safe method.
Lamb/Kid Nutrition
  • Colostrum: very important for the young animal to consume as much colostrum as possible within the first 24-hours of life
  • Milk replacer: orphaned, or unclaimed lambs/kids need to get the same nutrition as those who will be nursing
  • Bottles and nipples: for milk replacer
  • Syringe and tube: tubing young animals with colostrum is the quickest and most efficient way to make sure they are getting the nutrition they need
This is not conclusive of items for the lambing/kidding barn but is a great start to getting your facilities ready! Contact your Countryside Feed representative to discuss lamb and kid milk replacers kept on hand, or other suggestions to help minimize stress during lambing/kidding season!

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