Start Lambs on Creep Feed Right Away

Feb 15, 2020

Tara Jo Bina
Countryside Feed Livestock Nutrition

Whenever lambs are born on your farm, we recommend introducing them to a high protein creep feed diet starting on day one. This is important not only for their overall health and growth, but also for the health of the ewe, especially if you have it on an accelerated lambing program.

Countryside Feed produces its own 0-40 day high protein creep feed. This highly digestible and very palatable feed comes with DECCOX® – a nonantibiotic medication that helps prevent coccidiosis, which can destroy lambs’ intestinal cells and cause serious economic damage.

Even though they’ll likely eat less than 1 lb per day, I advise keeping young sheep on creep feed for 45 days. At that point, it will be time to transition them to a grower ration.

In addition to helping the lambs add weight, putting them on creep feed takes pressure off ewes because the lambs will be less dependent on their mother’s milk. Keeping the ewes’ weight up is exceedingly important when they’re birthing three lamb crops in a 2-year window.

Our 0-40 day high protein creep feed is available in both pellet and meal form; we make the pellet product at our feed mill in Hillsboro and the meal version at our feed mill in Seneca. We deliver bagged or bulk creep feed throughout our service area.

If you have questions about our 0-40 day high protein creep feed, or are looking to place an order for your operation, please give me a call at 785-294-0412.

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