Are You Ready For Show Day?

Aug 03, 2020

Tara Jo Bina
Countryside Feed Livestock Nutrition
You worked hard all year to make sure your livestock are in tip top shape for show day. You’ve washed, brushed, taught your animals how to walk and set up in the show ring. These are time consuming tasks that are well worth it on show day!  Now that the animals are ready, here are a few things you need to remember to be sure you have yourself showring ready!
  1. Appropriate attire It is very important to know what attire is acceptable for the species you are showing and for the event you are showing in! Long sleeved, collared shirts and cowboy hats are almost always required for horse shows, while dairy cattle are shown in all white. Some shows have provided show shirts while others you can wear whatever you want. Do your research to make sure your show day outfit is what you need to be wearing!
  1. Accessories This could easily fall under appropriate attire, but some of my biggest show ring pet peeves fall under accessorizing. One important thing to remember is the fact that you are trying to draw attention to your animal not yourself!
  • Hats: There should be no ball caps in the show ring! Depending on your species cowboy hats may be optional or even required.
  • Shoes: I recommend cowboy boots for showing all species. They protect your feet and look much more professional than tennis shoes, moccasins, etc.
  • Jewelry and bling: This may vary from species to species. Horse shows are a great place go all out but most other species tend to tone it down just a little. By all means show your personality, but don’t be distracting. Remember, you want the judge looking at your animal not you.
  1. Clean and spiffy Regardless of what attire is appropriate, make sure it is as clean and as wrinkle free as possible! Not being clean and put together on show day can be just as distracting as wearing too much bling. Also, present yourself professionally, wear your show day outfit correctly. Shirts should always be neatly tucked in and jeans should never be left tucked into your boots, and yes that means skinny jeans are NEVER a good option for show day.
  1. Have the proper tools Again, knowing what is standard for your species is essential. For example, you should always have a leather show halter, show stick, and scotch comb when walking in the show ring with beef cattle.
  1. Bring the confidence and winning attitude In my opinion one of the most important things to bring to the show ring is confidence. Your posture and composure will help portray that winning attitude and ring presence that makes you hard to ignore.
Clean up, have the right tools, and bring the confidence that says I’m here to win and you will be well on your way to that champion circle!

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