Show Pig Feeding Strategies

Jun 25, 2020

Tara Jo Bina
Countryside Feed Livestock Nutrition
As your leading source for high quality show feeds, Countryside Feed produces its own base feed for swine – a tremendous product that will cover most of your needs. But since every pig is unique, there are often cases where animals will benefit from different supplements and additives that are designed to maximize performance.
As a Purina Certified Expert Dealer, we offer the most complete lineup of quality additives available. Both Countryside Feed locations carry the following products, and the feeding strategies listed with each of them have the ability to help you unlock the full genetic potential of your animal. For more details on a specific additive, click on its corresponding link. Just keep in mind that ideal feeding strategies vary widely depending on the type of pig you have. Growth performance can differ depending on genetics, environment, management, facilities and immune status. The suggested figures in the Honor Show Chow Strategies for Feeding Ultra-Modern Show Pigs Chart are estimates only and do not reflect a guarantee of performance.
High Octane® Powerfill® supplement helps manage weight gain and keeps pigs looking great if you need to slow down growth.
High Octane® Champion Drive Topdress can be used as needed to optimize muscle (1/2 to 1 lb/day).
High Octane® Power Fuel® supplement can be used as needed for cover and muscle, and to support overall health (1/2 to 1 lb/day).
High Octane® Fitter 35® supplement can be used as needed to optimize muscle and leanness (1 to 2 lbs/day). For limiting weight gain and optimizing muscle and leanness, feed 3 lbs per day as the sole diet.
High Octane® Depth Charge® helps with rib shape. Add 8 oz of supplement per day to regular feed. It can also be used to keep pigs full when being limit-fed.
High Octane® Showpig Paylean® Premix can provide optimal growth and muscle development when added at the 4.5 to 9 grams/ton level during the final 45-90 lbs of weight gain.
High Octane® Heavy Weight® supplement helps support feed intake when fed at 4 oz per day. Feeding 4 to 16 oz per day can help optimize fat cover and/or growth rate.
High Octane® Ultra Full® supplement helps develop flank and lower 1/3 of body when fed at 1 to 3 lbs per day.
High Octane® Fitter® 52 supplement helps clean up front ends and helps add muscle when fed in the final 14 to 21 days (1 lb daily).
High Octane® ALLEVIATE® supplement helps support gastric comfort when fed at 2 oz per every 50 lbs of bodyweight per day.
Finally, consider lowering protein and increasing energy when muscle becomes too extreme, body condition too lean, or the pig has structural issues. Deworm pigs thoroughly and effectively about every 30 to 45 days throughout the growing season.

For customized assistance in developing the right feeding strategy, I encourage you to record short videos of your project pig on a smart phone and share them with your local Countryside Feed representative throughout the growth process. This will help them recommend the proper changes in diet. And don’t forget – before making any changes, you should weigh your animal on a weekly basis to ensure the best results.

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