What Does it Cost to Feed Your Show Animals?

May 29, 2020

Tara Jo Bina
Countryside Feed Livestock Nutrition
4-H and FFA offer great learning opportunities for the youth of the livstock industries. Animal husbandry, responsibility, humility, work ethic, competitiveness, and a passion for livestock are just a few things kids learn and develop in the show ring. In a time when spring shows have been cancelled to keep everyone safe, families are hard at work preparing for shows down the road and continuing these learning experiences in different ways. Learning how to calculate feed costs is a great activity for kids of any age, working with animals of any species! This can be a great way to get a start on those Kansas 4-H Record Books!
Lets get started calculating feed costs for your livestock projects!
What will you need?
  • Feed Cost Calculation Spreadsheet
  • Feed information:
    • Grain
      • Price of grain (per ton or per bag)
      • Pounds in a bag of grain
      • Pounds of grain each animal eats
    • Hay
      • Price of hay (per ton or per bale)
      • Pounds in a bale of hay
      • Pounds of hay provided to each animal
    • Supplements
      • Price of supplements (per bag)
      • Pounds in a bag of supplement
      • Feeding rate of supplement for each animal
The Feed Cost Calculator spreadsheet calculations are made for you, but if you want to figure feed costs on your own here are the calculations you will need to perform:
  • These calculations are used for calculating costs for grain, hay, and supplements individually:
    • $/lb = $/bag (or ton) / lb/bag (or ton)
    • Lb fed (grains and supplements) = lb of full scoop – lb of empty scoop
    • Lb fed (hay by round bale) = bale weight / (days to finish bale * number of animals)
    • $/head/day = lb fed x $/lb
  •  To figure the total cost of feeding your show animal:
    • Total $/head/day = cost of grain + cost of hay + cost of supplements
Calculating feed costs is a great learning experience, if you have any questions reach out to your Countryside Feed representative for assistance. Submit a completed Feed Cost Calculation Work Sheet to tellerman@countrysidefeed.com by July 1 to be entered into a drawing for a free bag of show feed!

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