Availability of wet grains in the northeast, abundant water and forage in the west give rise to larger commercial dairies.

Dairy Continues to Grow on the Plains

Based in part on our wide open spaces, ideal climate and abundant feed supplies, Kansas and southeastern Nebraska continue to expand milk production. Countryside Feed, with mills in Hillsboro and Seneca, offers feed products and nutrition services for virtually every stage of dairy livestock growth, from milk replacer and calf feeds, to replacement heifers, lactating cows and dry cows.

Whether you incorporate wet grain by-products into your rations, such as corn gluten or distillers grains, or feed more traditional forages, silage or hay, our experienced nutritionists can create dairy rations to deliver everything your animals need for peak economic production. 

For dairies with nutritional expertise on staff, we work closely with your team to deliver exactly the base mixes, supplements and mineral packages you need, delivered to your location.

Healthy Calves During Winter

Maintaining body temperature in cold weather results in higher caloric needs of baby calves. Providing quality milk replacer and palatable calf starter along with proper bedding and hydration is a recipe for success for raising healthy calves in the winter. Countryside Feed, LLC has milk replacers and calf starters to give your calves a healthy start this winter.

Ask the Expert

Get your questions answered about dairy cow nutrition right here. Our nutritionists take on everything from getting finicky calves started on feed, to hay and forage quality, to minerals and trace minerals and their effect on dairy cow health and performance. To send us a question, simply click the button below and follow the prompts.


Dairy Products

Made in Seneca with local producers in mind

Our dairy products are all formulated with your specific dairy in mind by our own in-house nutrition experts. We take into account local sources and types of grain as well as grain by-products to develop complete feeds, concentrates and minerals tailored to your herd. To learn more about our products for beef, dairy, equine, pigs, sheep and goats, talk to one of our knowledgable livestock nutritionists today.

Purina® Products

Purina leads the way in dairy nutrition research

With its world-class animal nutrition center at Gray Summit, MO, Purina Animal Nutrition leads the way in research and development of feed products for every stage of life, and across all commercial livestock species. Both of our mills in Seneca and Hillsboro are now licensed to manufacture Purina feeds, due their popularity and strong demand from local producers. Purina offers an extensive inventory of specialty feed products for young animals, high-producers and dairy animals with specific health or nutritional challenges. To learn more, talk to one of our nutrition experts today. 

Heifer Connection

Are looking for someone to develop heifers for your dairy, or wanting to find dairies that are in need of growers and yards to develop heifers? Our Nutritionists travel a five state area and talk to a vast amount of livestock producers, consultants and dairies all over the United States and can help you find what you need. Contact your local Nutritionist to discuss your heifer needs.


Dairy Team Contacts & Locations

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