Feed for Every Stage of a Horses' Life

Our equine nutrition products are specially formulated for growing, maintenance, performance and working horses as well as senior horses. If you prefer a complete feed with all of the vitamins, minerals and protein your horse needs in a single performance package, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re looking for a base ration you can supplement yourself or with the help of a nutritionist, we can provide that as well, by the bag or in bulk.

At Countryside Feed, we always put the needs of the animal first. There may be times when we recommend products made by other manufacturers—including Purina Animal Nutrition. One example of this might be horses with digestive issues such as colic or ulcers. The best way to determine which feed best meets the needs of your type of horse is to have a conversation with one of our professional nutritionists in Seneca or Hillsboro. 

Whether you care for one horse or twenty, on pasture or dry lot, active or sedentary, young or old, we can help you give them the very best nutrition for a long and healthy life.

Back To The Basics

For horses, miniature horses and ponies to perform their best, they need the correct nutritional building blocks. Just like people, all equines need protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as energy (calories) to support maintenance, growth, reproduction and work. 

Ask the Expert

Get your questions answered about equine nutrition right here. Our nutritionists take on everything from getting finicky colts started on feed, to hay and forage quality, to minerals and trace minerals and their effect on equine health and performance. To send us a question, simply click the button below and follow the prompts.

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