Purina® Pet Products

Countryside Feed currently offers a variety of pet food products and treats from PMI at our Hillsboro location. We carry bagged feed for puppies and kittens, active dogs and cats, seniors and animals with special needs. Stop by our storefront in Hillsboro and speak to one of our sales nutritionists to find the best products for your furry friends.

Dog Feed Supplements

Chick Builder Products

Poultry Chicken Feed

Nothing beats the taste of a farm-fresh egg or broiler chicken. Which is why many of our livestock customers also keep small flocks of chickens on their farms. Our Chick Builder line of poultry feeds is formulated for both hobby enthusiasts as well as commercial poultry producers as an economical alternative to national feed brands.

Available as base mixes as well as complete feeds, Countryside Feed Chick Builder supports rapid growth, healthy animals and profitable flocks. Available in bags, as well as custom mixes for chickens, turkeys and ducks. To learn more, talk to one of our poultry specialists today.


Purina® Products

Purina leads the way in poultry nutrition research

With its world-class animal nutrition center at Gray Summit, MO, Purina Animal Nutrition leads the way in research and development of feed products for every stage of life, and across all commercial livestock species. Both of our mills in Seneca and Hillsboro are now licensed to manufacture Purina feeds, due their popularity and strong demand from local producers. Purina offers an extensive inventory of specialty feed products for chicks, layers, fryers and birds with specific health or nutritional challenges. To learn more, talk to one of our nutrition experts today. 

Specialty Feed Locations

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