Getting that Champion slap requires hard work, dedication, and a great feeding program! Make Countryside Feed your source for quality, proven show feeds and supplements!

Purina Show Feeds For Pigs

Customize Rations with Purina® High Octane® Supplements

At Countryside Feed, we recommend utilizing a solid base feed to all show animals and customizing the rations to each individual animal's needs with Purina® High Octane® Supplements. Many of the supplements offered in this line of supplements are safe to feed all species of livestock and do their jobs very well!

Understanding that supplements are not one size fits all is very important in choosing a set of supplements for your show string. Some supplements are meant to increase energy for rapid weight gain, while others are high protein and encourage lean muscle. Knowing your goals for each animal and the purpose of each supplement is key in the success of show suplements!

The Purina® High Octane® Quick Reference Guide below is a great resource for determining what supplements will help you reach the champion circle with all of your animals!

Purina® High Octane® Supplement Quick Reference Guide

Wall of Fame

You've put in the time feeding, practicing and prepping your animals, now show off your success! Share your pictures of your Countryside fed animal - whether it's in the barn, or with a banner, and receive a free Wall of Fame t-shirt to wear with pride. Check out the Wall of Fame Gallery or submit your own fame worthy picture below!

Builder Brand Show Products

Show Cattle Feed
Purina Animal Nutrition LLLC

Made in Seneca for local show animals

Our show products were formulated by our own in-house nutrition experts as an economical alternative to expensive show feed brands. Fortified with all of the protein, vitamins and minerals your show animals need to turn them into champions, we make Builder brand show products for cattle, pig, sheep, and goats. To learn more, call or stop by the mill and talk to one of our species experts today.

Purina® Products

Purina Show Feeds
Purina Animal Nutrition LLC

Purina Show Feeds are Top of the Class

Purina HonorR Show Chows are widely regarded as among the best in the business. Carefully formulated to bring out the very best in every animal that’s headed for the show ring, Purina show feeds offer top of the line nutrition for show animals, including cattle, pigs, horses, goats, lambs and poultry. Purina also makes special supplements for managing digestive health as well as medicated feed for pigs. To find the best products for the animals you intend to show, talk to one of our knowledgable nutritionists today.

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