The swine industry in Kansas is often overlooked, but our homegrown producers can compete with anyone in the business.

From Piglets to Pork Chops

Hog operations in Kansas are relatively few and far between, at least compared with the cattle industry. However, the producers in our region are as knowledgeable and exacting as anyone in the country. From farrowing, to growing and finishing hogs, show stock and pot-belly pigs, you’ll find swine herds of all shapes and sizes here  on the Plains.

For breeding herds and farrowing operations, Countryside Feed offers a complete line of creep and starter feeds, as well as complete feeds and custom mixes specially tailored to the needs of gilts, sows and boars.

Once those pigs are ready to feed, our expert nutritionists can help formulate rations that promote both feed efficiency as well as healthy animals. We don’t cut corners on feed ingredients, or substitute lesser products to pad our own margins. We are in business for one reason only, and that is to serve the needs our livestock customers. 

Fly Control

Flies. Not only are they pesky, they can have a major impact on your bottom line! It’s never too early to start thinking forward about your fly control strategy! Clarifly ® Larvacide is a simple, cost effective, feed through option for fly control. Contact Countryside Feed, LLC about Clarifly ® and other fly control strategies!

Ask the Expert

Get your questions answered about swine nutrition right here. Our nutritionists take on everything from getting finicky piglets started on feed, to hay and forage quality, to minerals and trace minerals and their effect on swine health and performance. To send us a question, simply click the button below and follow the prompts.

Swine Team Contacts & Locations

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