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Changes in Pig Feed Lines

Changes have been made in regard to the Show Pig lines and Purina Pig Feed lines that are floor stocked. Click the button below to see which new items replace the discontinued ones. 

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Rancher Pouring Mineral

A Quality Magnesium Supplement Reduces the Threat of Grass Tetany

After a long winter, nothing marks the arrival of spring better than lush green grass. But as welcoming as a nice thick pasture can be, it can also spell danger for cattle in the form of grass tetany. Fortunately, providing cattle with a high-quality magnesium supplement can easily prevent grass tetany in the first place.

Fall Deworming

Cattle Health Impacts Carcass Traits

Studies of consumer preferences have indicated that attributes such as flavor, tenderness, marbling, and texture are important when evaluating the eating experience when consuming beef cuts. These consumer expectations are important when considering the impact of animal health because pneumonia and other common cattle diseases have the potential to affect not only carcass weight, but also the amount, location, and ratio of muscle, fat, and water. 

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