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Custom ration changes and formulation is a unique part of our hands-on approach to service. We are not only in the business to make and deliver feed, but to create and manage rations tailored to producers goals and needs as well.



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Guide to Lambing Season Success

Lambing is the most important activity that occurs in the sheep flock each year. Success or failure during lambing season is the largest single factor affecting the profitability of the sheep flock. Producers need to help stack the deck to ensure a successful lambing season.

Lambing season prep

As lambing season approaches, the ewes that are closest to lambing should be sorted out as they will require more attention. This is determined by using the breeding dates and physical appearance of the ewes. If there is enough room, this pen of ewes should be locked up at night. Never put ewes into lambing pens if they have not lambed as they may not have enough room to get the lamb out. Be sure they are finished lambing before putting ewes into lambing pens.

Pre-Season Checklist

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