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Managing Anaplasmosis with CTC

Anaplasmosis is one of the most serious blood-born diseases of cattle and causes significant disease loss to beef producers in the United States. In fact, economic losses are estimated to exceed $300 million annually due to factors like lowered productivity, infertility and abortions, a drop in milk production and animal death.


Cattle that recover from anaplasmosis usually develop immunity, but they’ll continue to be a vector of the disease. The same holds true for animals that contract the disease when they’re young, but never show signs of it. For that reason, it’s important to utilize parasiticides and incorporate a feed-grade chlortetracycline (CTC) product in your herd’s feed or mineral supplements.

Reduce the Threat of Grass Tetany

After a long winter, nothing marks the arrival of spring better than lush green grass. But as welcoming as a nice thick pasture can be, it can also spell danger for cattle in the form of grass tetany.

Grass tetany is a metabolic disorder that occurs when there’s a lack of magnesium (Mg) in an animal’s blood. With symptoms similar to milk fever, early signs include muscle tremors and irritability, and can expand to total loss of muscle control, coma and death if not detected and treated with a magnesium and calcium (Ca) solution in time. 

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